Case Studies

  • Case Study #1
    DATING –
    Goal: Expansion of the client's market share in European markets

    Solution: MGID integrated with client’s back-end to enable consistent and sufficient data exchange to make informed optimization decisions. Experienced creative team curated content. Within 30 days several rounds of multivariate optimization were run implementing MGID's Selective Bidding technology.

    The goal was achieved with the CPL of $3.16 and 193 initial sales at $517 on average, the overall estimated ROI (based on Anastasia's LTV) is 21% which is 5-6% better other traffic sources.

    Duration 30 days
    Leads 31,574
    CPL $3.16
    ROI 21%
    GEO 12 European
  • Case Study #2
    Weight loss
    Goal: Lead generation

    The products promoted in the offer are targeted at the Dutch-speaking market so MGID account manager has developed a promotion strategy including Dutch traffic sources and trusted international websites with a big share of Dutch traffic which allowed to significantly expand audience.

    With the CPL of $11 MGID outperformed the client’s CPA goal of $15 and the client began to aggressively scale the campaign, driving more high-quality conversions.

    Spent $8,199.65
    Clicks 62,089
    Av. bid $0.15
    Leads 638
    CPL $11
    Targeting Netherlands
    Targeting desktop
  • Case Study #3
    Health related offer (India)
    Goal: Positive ROI

    After the test run MGID system automatically filters out creatives that a particular user is not going to engage with based on their behavioral patterns. In addition, the account-manager manually filtered out all underperforming creatives.

    The traffic sources were also explored and optimized at campaign level. As a result, the creatives improved their CTRs from 0.08% to 0.15% on average, being rotated only on highly relevant publishers. The client then could lower their bid from initial 3.6¢ to 3.1¢ which resulted in better CPA.

    Spent $44,800
    Clicks 1,439,245
    Av. bid $0.031
    Sales 3,600
    CPA $12.4
    Targeting India
    Targeting all
  • Case Study #4
    Desktop games
    Goal: Generate high quality leads and brand awareness

    The accent in this campaign was placed on relevant creatives that draw attention to in-game actions and look like trailers of the game content. Another important point was setting up proper tracking going far beyond just registration to monitor and optimize against retention, engagement, and revenue.

    The main optimization tool used was MGID’s selective bidding, which provides full control over the proportions of traffic from various publishers and leverages efficient traffic source management at the campaign level.

    Spent $20,861
    Clicks 90,027
    Av. bid $0.25
    Leads 4,158
    CPL $5
    Targeting NeCA, UK, US, AU
    Targeting all
  • Case Study #5
    Gambling (bingo)
    Goal: Promote brand new iOS Bingo app. Generate leads and brand awareness

    As MGID’s traffic supply is around 35% mobile it was a good fit for the campaign. The campaign was set up to the USA and iOS mobile and tablet devices.

    High competition in gambling advertising stimulates aggressive and annoying advertising techniques which at the same time increases banner blindness and decreases effectiveness. In these circumstances native advertising is more efficient in building customer loyalty.

    After analysing the test campaign and optimising it for efficiency with MGID’s selective bidding, the campaign’s performance was significantly improved and the CPL became lower than market average.

    Spent $4,422.53
    Clicks 26,804
    Av. bid 6.5 cents
    Conversions 1,174
    CPA $3.77
    Targeting USA
    Targeting ios
  • Case Study #6
    Entertaining video content
    Goal: Drive new and engaged visitors
    MGID delivered an average over 2.6 million clicks per month for more than two years
    Duration 24 months
    Clicks bought 64,322,286
    Average CPC $0.03
    Bounce rate 2.69%
    Average PPV 3.6
    Time on site 00:02:17
  • Case Study #7
    Health Magazine
    Goal: Additional quality traffic flow

    A popular online magazine was monetized with AdSense and other display advertising. However, just like other content publishers, they needed additional pageviews by interested visitors.

    With all the tools for tracking and optimization MGID is a perfect source of traffic for publishers, sending highly engaged visitors to publisher's articles and videos.

    Duration 5 months
    Clicks bought 3,817,677
    Money spent $114,528
    Bounce rate 55.2% (site average 59%)
    Average PPV 4.2 (site average 3.19)
    Time on site 00:05:34 (site average 00:04:20)
  • Case Study #8
    Health & Beauty Online Magazine
    Goal: Optimize performance and maintain high-quality traffic

    Solution: MGID's qualified account manager was granted access to the client's Google Analytics account and monitored the campaign to optimize for effectiveness.

    MGID managed to maintain high levels of traffic quality, driving an average of 15,000 visitors daily.

    Duration 5 months
    Clicks bought 2,359,023
    Money spent $117,085
    Bounce rate 36%
    Average PPV 7.31
    Time on site 00:02:26
  • Case Study #9
    Goal: Drive new visitors while preserving high-quality traffic

    Solution: Outstanding results in volumes as well as traffic quality was achieved by both carefully selecting the content for promotion and also optimizing the campaign for effectiveness.

    Clicks bought 799,420
    Money spent $31,643
    Average CPC $0.04
    Bounce rate 40.62% (site average 43.4%)
    Average PPV 10.05 (site average 9.7%)
    Time on site 00:02:09 (site average 00:02:48)
  • Case Study #10
    Goal: Drive new, highly-engaged visitors

    Solution: In order to bring engagement, MGID experts went "beyond the click" to learn visitor behavioral patterns in order to target similar users with this type of content. The result was a significantly lower than average bounce rate.

    Duration 5 months
    Clicks bought 1,602,005
    Money spent $83,473
    Average CPC $0.05
    Bounce rate 27%
    Average PPV 9.55
  • Case Study #11
    Popular Science
    Goal: Get revenue from display ads (ROI)

    Solution: A website that was monetized through display advertising (mainly AdSense) needed new visitors and also additional pageviews from returning users. An expert MGID account manager monitored the site and optimized a campaign for performance.

    The client provided access to their Google Analytics data so that MGID experts could work toward a positive ROI and future improvements.

    Impressions 136,035,901
    Clicks bought 130,776
    Money spent $1,961
    ROI 280%
    Average eCPM $9.99
  • Case Study #12
    Entertainment content
    movies, celebrities
    Goal: Boost pageviews by driving new visitors

    Solution: Buying traffic with the focus on PPV is not an easy matter. It requires detailed tracking and constant optimization.

    With MGID optimization tools and some help from account manager, the client could reach and maintain 23 pageviews per session, exceeding client goals.

    Duration 6 months
    Clicks bought 4,858,367
    Money spent $254,718
    Average CPC $0.055
    Average PPV 23
    Time on site 00:02:56
  • Case Study #13
    Flash Games
    Goal: Bring returning visitors and increase brand awareness

    Solution: In order to not only bring fresh visitors to the website but also increase brand awareness MGID team was constantly working on content selection and precise targeting.

    As a result of these tactics, close to 8.5 million new visitors engaged with the brand and a solid fraction of them have become loyal visitors.

    Duration 3 months
    Clicks bought 8,404,244
    Money spent $191,460
    Average CPC $0.055
    Average PPV 1.89
    Time on site 00:00:54
  • Case Study #14
    Online MMO RPG Game
    Goal: Installs (registrations)

    Solution: MGID expert suggested using the full range of performance optimization tools. Optimizing the campaign by creative and by publisher delivered positive results.

    The CPA of MGID traffic was 1.5 times lower than average from other traffic vendors.

    Duration 3 months
    Installs 2,890
    Clicks bought 162,291
    CPA $3,3
    Spent $9,635
    Conversion rate 1.8%
  • Case Study #15
    Goal: Increase registrations

    Solution:Implementing MGID conversion tracking code and detailed daily reports helped the MGID account manager reach and maintain the 4% conversion rate which is far higher than expected.

    Impressions 628,796,858
    Clicks bought 1,396,699
    Money spent $149,571
    CPC $0.11
    Conversion rate (registrations) 4%
  • Case Study #16
    Men's magazine
    Goal: Drive new visitors

    Solution: MGID experts work a lot in order not to just deliver traffic for publishers but make sure that the traffic is of impeccable quality.

    MGID quality assurance team analyzes millions of clicks daily and blocks a big fraction of traffic so that MGID customers are never charged for questionable traffic. Third-party tracking systems often register more traffic than internal MGID systems have validated.

    Duration 4 months
    Clicks (acc. to MGID) 659,622
    Clicks (acc. to Omniture) 741,320
    Omniture reported 12% more traffic
  • Case Study #17
    Goal: Increase visitor loyalty (high PPV and low bounce rate)

    Solution: As the website is targeted toward mainly at parents and future parents the account manager thoroughly selected publishers for the campaign and developed proper and relevant creatives.

    As a result - the lowest bounce rate ever on MGID record.

    Duration 15 days
    PPV 7.58
    Visits 55,448
    Average visit duration 00:02:01
    Bounce rate 3.71%
  • Case Study #18
    Goal: Increase awareness about travel destination

    Solution: The campaign was targeted at certain European countries and was mainly conducted for brand awareness.

    It reached more than 20 mln Internet users in the selected countries and created a good level of engagement on the customer's website.

    Duration 18 days
    Impressions 20,080,000
    Clicks bought 34,657
    CTR 0.17%
    Spent $4,655
    CPC $0.13
  • Case Study #1
    Challenge: Dominant part of publisher's traffic is acquired from Facebook (mobile traffic).

    Most of the top performing spots (under article and sidebar) are already occupied by MGID's native widgets and optimized to max performance. Considering the volumes of traffic and the levels of performance some other form of native monetization is required.

    Solution: Considering this information, MGID a new type of widgets - mobile toaster - to better engage the users on the client's website and monetize mobile traffic. The new widget served as an additional monetization tool and increased the overall performance to a great extent.

    Duration 3 months
    Widget Impressions 490k
    eCPM $0.11
    Revenue $382
    Revenue increase with toaster widget up to 50%
  • Case Study #2
    Challenge: increase the time the average visitor spends on site/page and decrease bounce rate.

    Solution: MGID offered the internal native recirculation unit, which allowed to direct users to other engaging content on the site. As a results publisher received more ad views on banners and earned additional money from paid teasers.

    More about Internal Recirculation unit you can read on our blog.

    Duration 30 days
    Widget Impressions 600k
    Internal Clicks 9k
    eRPM $0.60
    Bounce rate decreased by
    time on site
    increased by 37%
  • Case Study #3
    Alternative news network
    Challenge: Intelligent monetization solution to reinforce existing monetization scheme with new browsing experiences for visitors

    Solution: Widgets of different configuration were developed for each website of the network.

    Each widget had a design which was developed to be totally cohesive with respective website design.

    Duration 7 days
    Widget Impressions 5,542,673
    Clicks to MGID 216,020
    CPC ¢2.4
    Revenue $5,210 Bounce rate decreased by
    CPM $1.02 Average
    time on site
    increased by 37%
  • Case Study #4
    Entertainment Blog Network
    Challenge: Additional monetization stream supplementary to the existing banner ad inventory

    Solution: Multiple native advertising widget placements on numerous websites of the network.

    Each widget was crafted and configured individually in order to fit the look and feel of the website.

    Duration 30 days
    Widget Impressions 25,419,196
    Clicks to MGID 286,698
    CPC ¢5.3
    Revenue $15,251
  • Case Study #5
    News portal
    Challenge: Improve user experience making avertising part of natural activity stream

    Solution: MGID suggested placing a widget with 5 native ads, filling all available space beneath the articles.

    Monetizing only the desktop traffic allowed the client to get the maximum results from MGID native monetization feature.

    Duration 6 months
    Clicks to MGID 1,020,946
    CPC ¢2.7
    Revenue $28,434
    eCPM $1.6
    CTR 5.8%
  • Case Study #6
    Soccer news
    Challenge: Monetize abundant traffic from different countries and regions of the world such as Ecuador, Portugal, Uruguay, Panama, UAE, etc.

    Solution: MGID has developed unique, individualized monetization solution for the maximal realization of abundant traffic for selected countries and regions.

    Special widgets were created and placed in the places of banner ads.

    Duration 30 days
    Widget Impressions 934,216
    Clicks to MGID 22,747
    eCPC ¢5.07
    eCPM $1,23
    Revenue $1,125
  • Case Study #7
    Online cartoons
    Challenge: finding a native monetization solution most appropriate for returning visitors and based on family-friendly content only

    Solution: MGID placed the 4-ad widget in the space under the articles. The structure of the website allowed to insert the widget organically. Such native placement made the audience interested in additional content without distraction from the editorial content.

    A selection of engaging family-friendly content, which provided maximum CTR, CPM and CPC was guaranteed using smart content filtering.

    Duration 30 days
    Widget Impressions 12,004,360
    Clicks to MGID 92,070
    CPC ¢6.8
    Revenue $4,500
  • Case Study #1
    Goal: Lead generation

    Solution: Using Device, Browser and OS targeting, the account manager shaped efficient audience segment to fit the campaign perfectly. The creatives were served through MGID’s mobile specific widgets across multiple hand-picked premium publishers. The final step was ongoing optimization using MGID’ Selective Bidding. The campaign’s performance was significantly improved, the campaign brought 698 leads at CPL lower than market average.

    GEO US, UK, CA, AU
    Device Mobile
    CPL $18.98
    Funds spent $13,250
    Revenue generated $17,450
    Conversion Rate 0.3%
  • Case Study #2
    Cost per lead, single opt in, males 25+ only
    Goal: Generate maximum conversions and maintain positive ROI

    Solution: Using MGID's selective bidding feature it was possible to reach positive ROI without significant loss in volumes. As a result, 3,300 conversions in 3 months.

    Time frame 3 months
    Funds spent $8,115
    Revenue generated $13,038
    Conversion rate 1.4%
    Conversion rate 1.1%
    Conversion Rate 0.7%
  • Case Study #3
    Browser Game
    Cost per lead, single opt in
    Goal: Cover the expenses for CPC media buying and generate NET revenue

    Solution: Using SUB-ID traffic source optimization we managed to increase traffic share from the best performing sources. As a result, the client received 45,137 high quality leads and the NET profit reached $12,612.

    Time frame 3 months
    GEO US, UK, CA, AU
    CPL $3.21
    Funds spent $144,952
    Revenue generated $157,564
    Conversion Rate 3.6%
  • Case Study #4
    Cost per Sale
    Goal: Optimize the campaign to maintain maximum ROI

    Solution: The client uses all means of tracking and optimization available at MGID. They integrated the statistics and used MGID tracking pixel as well as selective bidding to make sure they get maximum traffic from the best performing sources.

    As an outcome, they could reach 32% ROI. This result proved to be fully scalable as they raised the campaign's caps.

    Clicks Bought 4,752,694
    Funds spent $45,314
    Revenue generated $59,645
    Average Conversion rate 0.17%
    Conversion rate 0.43%
    Conversion rate 0.09%
  • Case study #5
    Selective Bidding
    For A Fitness Program
    GEO: US
    Multipliers for two big websites were increased
    to 2.0 and it doubled the CPC.
    The vertical line marks the day optimization was performed.

    Campaign duration: 30 days
    Daily volumes of traffic increased 2.6 times
    Daily income increased 3.2 time
    EPC increased from $0.10 to $0.12

  • Case study #6
    Selective Bidding
    For A Dating Website
    GEO: HK, SG, NZ, FR, GE, Fin, Ice, NL, NW, SW, AT, BEL, Swiss, Den, SA
    Multipliers were increased to EPC level (Earnings per click) for six publishers and reduced for one publisher.
    The vertical line marks the day optimization was performed

    Campaign duration: 30 days
    Daily volumes of traffic increased 2.5 times
    Daily income increased four times
    EPC increased from $0.02 to $0.03